HELLOOOO- – – – !!!

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!!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t updated this !!!
How long has it been, like a year or something? At least half a year, it sure feels like it!! hahahah!!

Lol I still don’t believe I even have readers but w/e I’ll still write here something…

SO!!! WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ON THIS LAST YEAR’S GAYO DAEJUNS EH EH??? (lol I’m STILL living in the year 2009…. hahah)
I THINK THEY WERE SUPPEEEERR. I mean c’mon, did you see all the guys playing girl songs? LOL I think I’m in heaven or something hahaha.
I even put Junsu BOPEEP gif as my prof pic on my Last.FM 8DDDDDDDDD LOL hahahah I loved it.

PLUS !!! SHINee performing Lady Gaga’s Just Dance 8DD LOL HOW EPIC WAS THAT!!! I’m not really a Lady Gaga -fan but hahahahah hahahaha omg I bet Key loved performing the song AND he got to be almost-the-head-star of the MUZIK-perf LOL 8DDD
BTW: I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW HOT KEY IS NOWADAYS. AND on that MUZIK-perf you know, the silver pants and the pink.. thing hanging on his neck 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD OMG IT’S SO CREEPY HE LOOKED SO GOOD WITH THAT KIND OF CLOTHES.
(Which reminds me; I can’t believe how I didn’t buy silver pants that were 50% off of the orig. price when I was shopping… LOL I GOTTA HAVE THEM 8DDD) (I’d probably never use them but YOU KNOW, women don’t need any reason to buy clothes!!! hahahaha)

I PROMISE I’LL MAKE A PICSPAM or something like that OF THE GAYO DAEJUNS or of something similar like them 8DDDHAHAH.
Or maybe even 2PM’s Tired of Waiting gif spam!! How’d y’all like that!! hahahah. I love that they’re promoting that songs I mean COME OOON, the outfits OH – MY – GAAWD!! how hot can they BEECAAAMEEEE all suddenly. I mean they were hot before but… NOW THEY’RE LIKE. SMOKIN’. 8DDDDDDDDDD

BTW me & my friend watched the 2008 Gayo Daejun and WHUTTAHELL. LOOK AT THIS:

HOW COME I DIDN’T SEE THAT BEFORE????? Khun doing the ~pelvic thrust~ oh my god 8DD at the “BE MY LAYDEE~” part. 8DDDDDDDDDD LOL we replayed that part like, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of times because we were like O.O since NEITHER OF US HADN’T NOTICED IT BEFORE 8DDD
BTW I loved My Ear’s Candy performance on … 30th day?? This year… NOOOO last year lo l8DD 2009… you know. 8DD THE ONE WITH TAEK. Omg it was haaawt. Gawd.

OKAAAY I guess that is IIIIIIIIIIITTT. Until next time BBs!!!!


hello again my sweetie-pies!!

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Hum… I decided to come over here and spam pictures post something up as I was feeling a little down.
I seriously don’t know why, but for the past hour I’ve been feeling super pressured…

But yeah !! That’s all I’m gonna say. I’m cheering myself up with Boa’s music (I don’t know why exactly but every time I’m sad, I’ll listen to Boa… :D:D:D) – I’ve been totally obsessed with her lately, SERIOUSLY, her USA album is gooood, I like it 8}} I normally don’t even listen to something that women sing… Lately I’ve been doing that a lot, though 😀 KARA, BoA, SNSD…. Yeah. Kpop. Ahahaha I think it’s going to eat my brain at some point :D:D:D I’m flailing over kpop all the time. hahahah.

Though I still love NEWS and some jpopszz… Today especially, after I missed the buss to school I was all like, I’M SO GOING TO THE COMPUTER AND WATCH SUM TEGOSHI-VIDS (/*w*)/~~ And so I did… for an hour until I had to go to the bus stop, again, since I went to school after all, just by a later buss :D:D

dplb18I just love him *–* ♥ HOW CAN I NOT… I love his voice, his laugh, his singing …. Idk, I have over thousand pics of him >Dds my friend says I seem like a dirty old pervert man HAHAHHA hahahahah… 8DDDDDDDDDDD yeah. Idk. Tegoshi was the first one whom name I remembered at the moment when I got to know NEWS (aside from Yamapi, of course, hahaha). AND GUESS WHAT. I got to know them by their first being on the Domoto Kyoudai… Seriously :::DDDD HAHHA that was filmed in 2003, Tegoshi had his chubby cheeks and I loved him so much even then?? Ihahah. Yeah. I’m sorry for being all flaail but I think I’ve been kinda more flail than I have been on this post :D:D

MY OTHER POSTS ARE SO MUCH BETTER. I feel so lame while writing this.

GGHHHHHH every time I even think of him I’ll start this FLAAIL and SPAZZZ and GHAAAAHH HE’S SO AWESOME UUGGHH I WANT HIM DDD88♥♥ … yeah. I dunno. He was the first one I actually liked from Korea. Ghhh. I was just watching Super Junior’s music video… the song U. And I was like “well.. they’re ok…” unti like HEECHUL CAME UP and I was like “OMG WHO’S THAT HOTTIE WITH LONG HAIR OMGGHOMGHOMG” hahahah. He’s so hoottt. RrRrrrRrr.. hahahaha.hahadghh.

Hahahahah yeah I’m sorry 8DDD Heechul rr….


TAEMINNN… The first time I saw him I was like, HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE HEECHUL OMG HE’S SO NOT GOING TO SURPASS HEECHUL !!! And well… He hasn’t but >>DF I like him STILLL he’s so HAWT. And so innocent. I don’t understand. HE’S SO INNOCENT. Or seems like it…. whenever he speaks I’m all like, he can’t be the same age as me…. I mean, I feel seriously like an old perverted man whenever I watch him !! >DDsadsad And YES, I’m the same age as him, born three (?) months earlier though (that means I’M HAVING MY SWEEEEEEEEEEEET SIXTEEN PARTY THIS MONTH, come on over everyone!! hahaha). Yeah.
Taemiiinnn, you can’t seriously be so cute and innocent, can you?? *pinches cheeks* You cutie you. 8}} (I think he secretly does his acting on purpose so everyone will be all OMG HE’S SO CUUUTEE and then he’s all like WOHOHOHOH YEAH THEY LOVE ME and then he dances and… *–*)

Erm. Yeah. 8DD I don’t know if I should really spazz more here… This picspam.. 8DD

Maybe I’ll stop this 8DDDD THIS WAS FUN, I’m sure I’m going to do this again at some point !!

Seungri and his solo activity 8”’3

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OK so I suck at taking screen caps. IF SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY, PLEASE TELL ME. I want to have HQ caps since … well, MY VIDEO IS HQ AND I WANT THE PICTURES BECOME HQ TOO ;—;

But yeah. “Strong Baby”, I seriously LOVE that song and that live and that man. Seungri has totally become my latest obsession – oh dang, what a word to describe this.. this… this… THIS FANGIRLING of Seungri that has been up for a while now, but yeah – not just because of “Strong Baby” but just… When I discovered Big Bang…. Which wasn’t a long time ago, may I say – although I’ve like.. known them ever since their song “Lies” (or is it “Lie” ? I’m never sure of which one is it) came, but… I’ve never knew them. Never listened to them, never watched their videos, never been that interested of them (well okay, I’ve always loved “Lies” parodies… hahaha)… until just a while ago, I started watching them, getting some their music and and… YEAH, you could call this phase almost like an addiction. It’s surprising how Big Bang came #2 on my Last.FM even though I’ve always thought that place belonged to the GazettE. Oh well, they took their place. Well, no can do. Not anymore. Heehee.


Even though he looks like an old man in this shot he’s still hot (ok so he doesn’t look as old as like, let’s say, Aaron Kwok (put a picture under this text), who’s like …. 43 YEARS OLD!!! and still so haawwt. I feel really …. disturbed when I’m looking at his pictures and REMEMBERING HIS AGE and …. well…. he’s hot. GAH). Dang, you know. It’s all I have to say about this, DANG 88D8D8D hahah. I’m just biased.




YES. I know. Just … GRAAAH, why are you so hmmhhmmhnmm*www* ???!?!?! Aaron, you kill me inside. Seriously.

… I feel kinda horrible since I was supposed to make a picspam about SEUNGRI, our 18-year-old hottie, but I just ended up putting BETTER QUALITY PICS OF AARON KWOK than of Seungri. Yes. I’ve hit the rock bottom. And you know what…
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Had to put a better pic of Seungri here. Just … WELL, you know. Didn’t put *~THE ABS~* picture. Why? I don’t know. But that pic AHHH he looks so confident I could cry. Hahahah.

Heechul and the SHOCKING KISS~

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I just HAD to come here and write about this.
First things first; WHAHAHAHAH, I just CRACKED when I saw Shiwon’s face. And I’ll say; Heechul is my favourite Super Junior member. After I read the article here, him kissing boys, I was like… OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!11 Because, well, I’m a fangirl. Nothing’s gonna change that. 88DDD BRRH but yeah. That picture is total awesomeness. PURE OSM. I like… DIED. hahahah.

The GIF, too. Pure OSM. Again. I love Heechul. I just truly love him, I wouldn’t even mind if he was gay because well… You know that Avenue Q song, right? And the OK2BGAY song, too. And every single one that says it’s ok to be gay. That, my friends, is the way I’m thinking. AND for the record, I don’t mind if this was just fanservice. Bloody good fanservice it is, if I may say. So bloody good.

You can watch the live HERE. And I just … RECOMMEND IT SO BAAAAAAAAAAD, I loved seeing Heechul singing, I love him when he’s singing rock music, I just.. yeah. And the kiss. Of course you have to see THE KISS. YES. THE KISS. And of course the whole live in itself. Heechul singed so GOOD. I loved it. (But I have to say this; why does Heechul have different clothes in that pic and in that video & gif? Did he kiss more than one time? I’m feeling like a bad fan since I’m not knowing this hahahaha.)

I love THE TRAX. I love Super Junior (especially Heechul). I love THE TRAX & Super Junior together.
With that said, I’ll stop writing this.


OK, I lied. Because I have to promote this.

YOU SHOULD WATCH “THE BAND OF BROTHERS”. YES. You totally should. Especially if you enjoy The TRAX and Super Junior as much as I do. Together. Yeah. It’s an awesome show. WATCH IT. 8)

SBS Gayo Daejun – N I I I I I I C E E E E !!!!

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OK, because I totally LOVED watching Gayo Daejun – whatever it was, festival, awarding show (not really since I did notice that they didn’t give any awards 8”DD) or just a music show etc, I really really have to write something about it. Prepare for lots of PICTURES and flailing and stuff like that ‘cuz hey – I’m a fangirl like that and I think, right now, I’m not going to change 8DDD huhuh.
OH and I have to say; don’t be offended if I say something rude in your opinion. I’m saying my opinions at some points and I’m not trying to get anyone annoyed or something. I love these boys or girls whoever I’m talking about (because I only talk in this only of the people I LIKE). Please don’t come and start a fight since, yeah, I won’t approve your comment then. THOUGH if you’ll say you disagree with me and you’re being matter-of-fact kind-of type, I’ll accept it. I like conversations and I’m not going to disapprove someone’s comment only because they have a different opinion on something. I love getting to know people and that also means I love getting different points of views.
BUT YEAH. After that’s said, I’ll start the real thing I came here to post about. SBS’ GAYO DAEJUN !!!!!!!


SO. F-ING. COOL MAN !!!!!!!!!111111

lightswordYES. You see that? COOL. !! I don’t know 2PM that much – only Jaebeom and Junho and Junsu, ‘cuz well… Hey, Jaebeom mm’mmh. And my friend has a weird obsession for Junho & Junsu so I know them too. (Though, actually, I do understand her :”D Junho & Junsu, YEAH MAN, almost like DBSK’s Yunho and Junsu though absolutely not.) And I love 2PM’s MV. Like, srsly, how more ghei do you get 88DDD HEHEH.
After the sword show – which still is OSM – there was a live from 2AM and well, I must say, the only thing good about 2AM is JoKwon. He’s so dang adorable and … well, ghei, but :”D yeah let’s not say anything more. Though don’t get upset you know – it’s just my opinion. Love & peace all 8DDDDDDDDv

vlcsnap-1234341OK, this shot is a… 88D8D8D HUHUHUHUH bad one but hey, that guy… HAWWWT. Can’t take no more~ He’s ChangSung or something ? I can’t remember correctly since I haven’t really payed attention to their names but mm’mmh, he’s one nice looking fella. Even though the shot says “COCK GOES WHAAR??+” because of his expression but 88DDD HUHUHUHU srsly funneeh. Niice maan.

So yea, I loved the ending pose that 2PM did btw. Just didn’t take a picture of it. Since.. yeah. I’m so laazyy~ Admitting it. Once again. Huhuhu.
In a nutcase; YES, I loved the beginning for this show. Also, it’s awesome that Daesung is one of the MC’s. He deserves it !! Srsly. He’s so funny 8D) and full of FAILLLNESSS aka SUPAA FUNNY. (Again; I’m not saying this in a mean way. Hey, I am, too, full of failness but I fail HAARD and not-funnily like Daesung 8DDD hehehe.)

Yeah, then. SHINee. ZOMG, cool !!! I love them. YES. Taemin. YES. YES. YES.

taeminAGAIN; YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK again my shot is such a LQ one. My video of Gayo Daejun is actually MQ so screen shots are LQ. Because Paint is love like that 8D

But yeah. SHINee did Love Like Oxygen; hmmmh, actually I hated that song at first but since I saw Jonghyun singing it way too much on way too many shows, I began to like it for some reason… (Anyone else thinking that maybe Jonghyun is trying too much to become like, supaa faamee?? I’M NOT TRYING TO SAY HE’S … SOMETHING BAG, I ttly love him and he was my favourite member until I had to admit that Taemin is such a cutie and even Jonghyu’s oh-so-fantastic-voice or oh-so-niiiiiiceee-smile can’t help it. I’m just saying that mmmmhh… yeah I lost the point ‘cuz of Jonghyun 88DDDD)
Yeah. Key was such a cutie, too. Minho was cute. Onew was… ONEW, hihihi, cute. Yeah. I liked their appearance very much. AMIGO is such a great song, really 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’ve repeated it like.. MANY MANY TIMES. SRsly. And the MV, mm’mmmh. And the LIVES !!! MMM’MMMH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN !!!!!!!1111111 I’m surprised they (meaning SM Entertainment) let them sing that song while dancing like that. YEAH. Taemin’s shirt going up and down… YEAH. Me -> nosebleeding like hell. SERIOUSLY. uhhh.

AND I loved Taemin’s shirt on the show btw. So… big and… made Taemin look so cute ‘wwww’ ihihih. So cute. Makes me want to hug him. Mihihih.

After that, yeah, those ladies… I didn’t watch them since I didn’t know them and well, honestly, the song sounded so boring. I’M SORRY. Again. I’m not trying to be rude here.

After those ladies, there were the couple of oldish guys singing !! hehehe, they were lots of fun. Such badasses, no? I think they were~~ huuhuh. And TTLY loved how everyone laughed at/with/because of them. And just because I love Tablo – I LOVE TABLO. Srsly. He’s so hot. AAAA. I lovelovelove him. Such a dork. RRRRr. ………… Actually that didn’t even relate on the subject I was talking about – old mans to Tablo, mm’mmh, makes sense… not. Hahahah. But they did scream the band’s name you know. Big Bang, Epic High, Rain… Things like that. LOVE. Such sympathetic men. Yes~

mmmmhTHIS. YES. THIS !!!!!!!!!! THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain watching G-Dragon laugh. WITH THAT FACE. Doesn’t it seriously say that Rain thinks “ooh, what a cutie” of GD? Doesn’t it say to you that YOU SERIOUSLY NEED SOME RAINxG-DRAGON FANFICTION TO THE WORLD?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because to me it does. MMM. Please, someone. Give me a G-Rain fic. Or raining G-Dragons, that’s fine with me also… huhuhu.

Hmmh, after the men there was that SHABASHABA man that… hahaha, was such a sympathetic one also. Hahahah. He was funny to watch~ THEN there came those guys and that woman etc etc yeah. THEN DAESUNG’S SONG !! Wasn’t he supposed to sing that song only on that trot festival? But oh well, Daesung’s a cutie, I love seeing him performing that song. It fits him so perfectly~


That picture because: I. LOVE. SEUNGRI. TOO. MUCH. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmh. He’s so hawt. Handsome. Cute. EVERYTHING. I can’t… …. … something… 88DDD MMH. hahah. And him dancing to Daesung’s song… Ah, cute. Dancing to the camera while watching Dae performing, whee~ Me likey.

Then there was that SEXY-part where everyone were girls and I did watch the performance, okay, just that… I don’t know :’D Those bunny-girls that were on first – I think they’re more like cute than sexy…. 8DD yeah. Brown Eyed Girls did an OK performance, the song sounded like… like… If I had it on my computer, I think I’d repeat it for a couple of songs :”D kinda catchy, yeah !! I have to admit it.
The “One More Time” was kinda… yeah. Blunt song, if I may say. Too many repeats and the performance was a bit dull one too.. Okay, the girls were pretty and all but… It’s not enough, right? :’D just… not for me, I guess.
The together dancing -thing was… Eh, well, because I like dances I kinda liked it even though the dances were kinda… well, dull, but they were nice. Yeah. 🙂

Then the two male MC’s interviewed Rain… Hey, is there a translation of this show? Because I REALLY want to know what Dae said because after he said it, the others (Big Bang, SHINee, Epic High etc…) started to laugh so hard. :”’D please, someone tell me. (HAHAH like someone really reads this whole thing.)

rainShot of Rain. Just BECAUSE. Rain is Rain and … Rain is …. … .. well, DO I NEED TO SAY IT ? 8DD I think everyone gets it. He’s haawt. (How many times have I said that phrase? And of HOW MANY PEOPLE? 88DDdashadshadshads ‘scuse me for this…)
(And I’d LOVE to know how to read lips right now…. like, read lips that speak KOREAN, I mean :”D Tablo is speaking something in the back and I want to know what…)

They also interview GD and TOP and well… Gotta love them both. :3 But yeah. After the interview there is that woman MC talking but hahahha, I can hear Daesung speaking something in the back in a rather loud voice :”’DD ahadhjdassadhdsah. I start to laugh at that point always.

I kinda hahaha…. LAUGHED at F.T. Island’s wearings. Like… WTH, SRSLY !! WHY !!! They’re one pack of nice looking men and then… they do that… fail-rock clothing thing… NO. JUST NO. 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDD and UGH the make-up!! c’mon !! Do not want. I love them the way they are, really, I like their music and all but… EH???!!?!?!!?! What’s with those clothes. I think the Gayo Daejun’s … those, like, programmers and people like that, wanted to show some contrast between rock and pop so they made them wear those ridiculous clothes.. I just hope they didn’t decide them on their own :”’DD c’mon…
Other than that, I liked their songs~

Then there was that famous song… with that chair dance and stuff like that. I don’t know who sings that song nor I don’t know what the song is but that I know that… I don’t like it :”D the chorus is catchy, I admit, but… NO. Thanks. No. :”D Everything else just… Yeah. Other than the chorus, I think it’s a boring song. Sorry if this offends anyone. People must have their opinions, you know!

THEN. YES. THE … PARODY THING. WITH DAESUNG AND SEUNGRI. (Dnd the two girls from SNSD and the Downtown dude.)
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. Even though I don’t like DaeRi that much, STILL. I like it. hahahaha. Yes. YES.


DAMN. If Seungri had a café, I’d totally be a regular customer there. SERIOUSLY. He’d make one bloody hot cook there. 8)
The parody was FUNNY. That’s all I’m going to say. And I loved the ending hahahah. :”D AND. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND.

THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2PM is everywhere. YEAH BOY. I loved that scene so much 8DDDDDDD hihih.
Yeah. That’s all I’m going to say about the parody because if I’d say anything more, this post would be like 300000 words of IHAAAA XOMG ZOMG HEHEHEHHE SEUNGRI IS SO HAAWWTT KILL ME NAAOOOHHHHH and stuff like that. 8DDD and I think I’ve written that already a couple of times, no~~ hehehehehaha 88DDD

THEN. THEN. !! The piano battle. Why was Junsu’s grand piano bigger than Taeyang’s? Why did Junsu get all those violins etc in the background? Oh well, Taeyang didn’t need them~ His English was SO MUCH BETTER than it was when I last time heard it. So good~ Ah. I loved his performance. Junsu’s was great, too ! I’ve become such a Junsu-fan since I’ve been planning to make a fanvideo of him. He’s cool and he know it hahahaha. Everyone in DBSK knows they’re cool and that’s why they so much cooler than they were~ hahahah.

Then the dance battle. THE DANCE BATTLE. I must say I loved Taemin’s dance. It’s too bad he (& Yunho & Rain) didn’t have any permission to use the songs they used, though. Copyright is serious business, guys~ ahgahhaha. BUT STILL. I loved their dances. YEAH. BUT !! Eunhyuk was the best. The best. THE BEST !! I loved his dance. Though his outfit was… Well… WTH, that’s what it was :”D yeah. But it kinda matched on his dance. Robodance !! Must love. And Eunhyuk is cool. ahhahaha.

WONDER BOYS II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHHA. I was waiting for this to happen. YES. THEY CAME ON AGAIN !! Though I love the first performance more. This one was cute, too~

JoKwon didn’t fail at expression this time, either :”D such a cute one. Seriously. Hahahahah. I forgot to take other shots of the performance but, yeah, they truly were Wonder Boys. Hahahaha.

There’s still 1h 24min to go…. Ugh yeah~ :”DDDDd Maybe I’ll shorten these up since… YAH, I’m tired :”D It’s almost 3:oo AM here, It’s OK for me to be a bit tired, yeah? :”D

So… right… Super Junior H :”DD The one I … kinda… dislike. They’re cute, OK, but… Yeah. :”D I don’t like their songs !! Super Junior is cool but SuJu H… Yahh… 88DD though it’s cool that Yesung’s in it. I loove~ him.

But I have to admit that PAJAMA PARTY is one hell of a catchy song. Can’t help it. Hahahha. And they are too cute to resist 8DDD make me go all over the place. RRRRRRRRR. But still. hahahaha.

Then there was a performance of… someone. This was the second thing I skipped in this show, but … I couldn’t help it. It sounded so boring and I had seriously no idea of who’s that guy. 8D so…

The Where is the Love? perfomance, aaa~ Tablo~

I totally enjoy hearing and seeing him rap. He’s cool~ And a cute dork. But on stage he’s cool~ Ahahah. Once again I’ll say this; I LOVE HIM. Ah. I’ve said that about too many guys ! But… Tablo. Yeah. He can even speak English properly and that’s rare for a Korean guy to do !! He’s so… cool. Yeah. Too cool. I’m just aaa…. I’m in love 8DD TOO MUCH. Yeah. He’s one of the guys I really really admire. Mh. And respect. And love. And … yeah. :”’D I think you got the point. IF THERE STILL ARE READERS, I mean. This post… EH?? Too long. AND I think no one even reads my posts 8DD hahaha. But I like to pretend that I have readers.

RAP BATTLE !!!!!!!!!!! Was one cool thing you know. GD rapping, TOP rapping, hell yeah, everyone rapping. And hahahah…

Taeyang having his own little par-taayyh:”DD I cracked up a bit – no, A LOT, when I saw him dancing. And well… Jonghyun too was partying but hahaha… I think Taeyang was more, well, dare I say; more credible? Or something like that… :”’D like… hahaha. Yeah. But hahaha. He sure had lots of fun. With his own. Ahahahah. Fun to watch~

Then… A part that I skipped. The third one for this. Aish~ I just… wasn’t interested.

Then… Wonder Girls. I watched it, OK, but. BUT. BUT !! Why were they so … stiff? So … not happy? I think “Nobody” should be a bit happier song than what they made it look like. Yeah. I kinda… laughed at them, as harsh as it sounds 8DDD but.. hey. Give some smiley faces, ok? 8D Their faces were like 😐 all the time. I don’t know if it was because of their outfits – which were like.. military-ish or something – but still…

Then I skipped again. hahaha.

THEN BIG BANG. AND… OH AH OH !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. That song was one song I’d love to hear live with my own ears, too. Hell yeah I was happy to notice they played it. And then. HELL YEAH I WAS HAPPY THAT SEUNGRI PERFORMED STRONG BABY. HELL F-ING YEAH!!!

Yes. I loved it. Too much maybe. I don’t know. After he finished, I replayed it. Again. And again. And again. And again and again and again and again…. And then I watched the fancam. And again and again etc. THE FANCAM. YES !! Seungri groping himself. YES. YES. ME WANTS. SO MUCH. YES !! Strong Baby in itself, without a live performance, is a hot hot and super fine song. With a live… it’s like.. something beyond that. Something…. REALLY COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy watching it again and again and again and again and… yeah. Hahahahha. Ttly love.

AFTER THAT. Yeah, there was Big Bang’s interview etcetc BUT. THEN. RAIN DOING A LIVE. YES !!!!!! YES !!

SO_HOT_. Too hot. AH. Again; I’m speechless. I’m totally loving the order they have in the performances. Too cool. Yeah. Full of hotties. Yea. I’m so happy I could die. 8”3 rrh.
I’m serious; this is all I can say about Rain’s live. It was awesome. I can’t figure out anyone else who could just do “uh ah uh yeah” sounds and win the audience like him. Just him. Yeah. I’m… yeah. @__@ mesmerized.
PLUS. I love “Rainism”. And the song he sang before it but I can’t remember what it was by its name.

Uh. Yeah. The grand finale. DBSK. Yeah. I LOVED IT. Was that a surprise? I was so … HYPER after I first watched it. I wanted to watch it again and again and again…. 7 minutes (or something) of goodness. YEAH. I loooveeed it.
The beginning. Hehehe. Junsu in a triangle. COOL !! 8DDD hehehe. “Wrong Number” is a cool song. I loved the MV. Mh. MIROTIC is of course love too. I LOVED THEIR PERFORMANCE. Though after I’ve been thinking, I think I loved Rain’s live more… Just because. Hahahha. But yeah. DBSK is so cool. I couldn’t even take any shots of their live ‘cuz… Yeah. Ok. I was lazy. Aadshadshadshads.

Then Boa with her song “Eat You Up”. First of all; her shirt was cool !! Like, a jacket on the front but on the back it was like… A .. bag thing. Yeah. It was cool ! And I once liked Eat you Up. It’s still a great song though, sounds better when she sings it live~ And “Look Who’s Talking”, hahaha, what an attitude song ! I’ve never heard it before and I liked it ! Hahaha. It was cool ! Catchy. I liked~

And well… That was it. Ahahaha. In a nutcase I LOVED SBS’ GAYO DAEJUN !!! I still have that other one that I need to watch but I don’t care yeah~ I’ll watch it at some point. Hahaha.


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For some reason…

I don’t like NEWS’ new single AT ALL. 😦

It isn’t like… BAMBINA ::::”DD hahaha.

Nor I ZA NA I ZU KI which is seriously my fav. song from NEWS of all time !!!111

I missed the buss today and now… not going to school . Lol ::DD:D:D:dd


off going to fangirl >> (yamapi’s arms uh huh mm’mmh)



•June 5, 2008 • 2 Comments

D’espairsRay !!

For a moment I didn’t listen to them and now again… UAH !!1

They are the best aren’t they !!
Well, not as good as Diru.

But great !!

Supaah great !!!

I want to see them live. 8(

Hizumi iz hottoh nwhahaha.